Remembering Muhammed Hansrod

after Muhammed died I did the only logical thing I went to the   cemetery for black Civil War soldiers now mostly desecrated with ball   fields and dog shit I came to this cemetery of the   not properly appreciated the voices not heeded did   not feel listened to covered over, plotted in … Continue reading Remembering Muhammed Hansrod


Remembering Andrew Pochter, مصلح

"Every act of violence is a betrayal of language." -Naomi Shihab Nye "I detest any form of violence." -Andrew Pochter Pochter wrote that in an e-mail to a group of Kenyon students which included myself following violence in Gaza and Israel last November. A month and a half after losing him, I still don't have … Continue reading Remembering Andrew Pochter, مصلح

“Islam’s Diverse Paths” at Kenyon College

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Office of Public Affairs at Kenyon College about our slew of exciting events this spring related to the Islamicate world. It has been incredibly gratifying to watch the program grow and shift along with student interest. One of the unique advantages of the liberal arts experience, … Continue reading “Islam’s Diverse Paths” at Kenyon College