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Remembering Muhammed Hansrod

after Muhammed died I did the only logical thing I went to the   cemetery for black Civil War soldiers now mostly desecrated with ball   fields and dog shit I came to this cemetery of the   not properly appreciated the voices not heeded did   not feel listened to covered over, plotted in … Continue reading Remembering Muhammed Hansrod

Why I Don’t Call It The Arab Spring

This article was originally published in Kenyon College’s MESA Journal, Vol. 3, Ed. 1 (November, 2011). I can already see the entries in future history books: what began with self-immolation by a frustrated young fruit vendor in Tunisia launched unprecedented revolution across the Arab world. Aided by Facebook, Twitter and other social media, movements spread … Continue reading Why I Don’t Call It The Arab Spring

Separate Cannot Be Equal

Following publication of “A State of Denial: Candidates, Consequences, and the Road to Peace”, a letter to the editor written by Professor Fred Baumann was published in the Kenyon Observer which rejected my argument regarding the role of Palestinian identity in the conflict. This letter provided an excellent opportunity for me to refine my positions … Continue reading Separate Cannot Be Equal