This week marked the beginning of my internship with the Unite Lebanon Youth Project. My primary responsibility for the summer will be work affiliated with ULYP’s BRIDGE IV SAT prep programming. For the rest of the month of June, I will be (mostly) working to develop lesson plans, and create curriculum and classroom materials for a 5 week SAT program (which beings in July, and for which I will be an instructor). Classes will be held 4 days/week on the Dibbiyya campus. The student population is half Palestinians from refugee camps, and half underprivileged Lebanese from across the country, all of whom have been competitively selected to participate. Coursework includes intensive SAT prep (focusing on critical reading, as all are non-native English speakers), conflict resolution, and college preparation.
photo credit: roomie Nahed
Compared to last week’s whirlwind, this week was mellow: doing laundry, figuring out groceries, etc. I’m pretty sure a mystery “rash” that’s ‘plauged’ me all week is actually just lots of mosquito bites, origin unknown. Other revelations from this week/ teasers for upcoming posts:
I really like olives. (be on the look for my favorite foods list, to be posted soon and updated throughout the trip.)
I’ve listened to more American pop here than I ever would at home (stay tuned for my exclusive list of “Beirut nightlife: most random songs to watch people freak out to and love.”)

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