Revolutionary Women (Egypt)



“Demands are not met by wishing; the world can only be taken by struggleā€¯

-“Salu Qalbi “



“Mubarak loyalists” my ass…

If Hosni actually wanted to “defend Egypt’s safety and stability and its people’s wishes” he would be on a plane.

Sending out hired thugs to “counter-protest” and incite violence does not reflect the wishes of Egyptians, it reflects and mirrors the last 30 years of your reign. Ya Mubarak, don’t plant looters and chaos, just get out. For over a week now, Egyptians have said it loud and clear: KHALAS, ENOUGH.

Your regime? khalas. Scare tactics? khalas. Thugs? khalas. Corruption? khalas. Police brutality, poverty, indignity, oppression, fear… khalas. As my Teta would say, enough is enough.

Get the hell out Mubarak. Egypt deserves better.