HallowIzmir and a Day-trip to Çeşme

Over Halloween 2014 weekend I traveled to the Aegean coast to celebrate the holiday and do some sightseeing. I stayed with a friend in a unique area of Izmir called Bornova, which I had yet to visit. I had a great time spending a day wandering and site-seeking Bornova's famous Levantine architecture. I'm always intrigued … Continue reading HallowIzmir and a Day-trip to Çeşme

Kurban Bayrami Part 3: Izmir

The second half of my vacation during Kurban Bayrami was spent primarily in Izmir, (formerly the ancient city of Smyrna, famous among other things for being the birthplace of Homer... but more on that later). See parts 1 and 2 of my vacation here and here. Izmir is the 3rd largest city in Turkey (population-wise), … Continue reading Kurban Bayrami Part 3: Izmir

29 Ekim: Cumhuriyet Bayramı

Cumhurriet Bayramı, celebrated on 29 October, is the date celebrating the founding of the Republic of Turkey, the day the state was declared by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. It is a national holiday, the equivalent of the 4th of July, Independence Day in America. As such, we had a half day of work the Monday prior, and classes … Continue reading 29 Ekim: Cumhuriyet Bayramı