I’ve officially had this blog for one year.

I could apologize for not posting more, not having coherent posts, etc. but it wouldn’t be genuine… above all, this blog has been a personal experiment; the content will continue to shift in form, style, and frequency as I adapt and explore new and different ways of using media (@tesswaggoner, follow me ­čśë ). A LOT has happened that I haven’t touched, but it should in no way be a reflection of my concern for various issues.

So, as I’ve been learning to do in so many avenues of my life recently, I’m going to sit back, avoid making promises and plans, and see what happens. ┬áPersonally it is a┬ácounter-intuitive lifestyle, but I’m working on relinquishing control in order to embrace potential┬ápossibilities. What will be, will be. Hope you can join me for the ride.

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