Today is the 100th International Women’s Day; it is also Feminist Coming Out Day. Here I go:

I am a feminist

  • because I was raised knowing that “no one is better than anyone else;”
  • because we deserve to not be slaves to the scale, the mirror, and other peoples perceptions;
  • because people think rape jokes are funny;
  • because there are powerful, beautiful, intelligent men and women in my life, role models who I love and respect;
  • because the international slave trade exists in the 21st century;
  • because perfection is a destructive myth;
  • because I want to honestly look my children in the eye and say, “you don’t have to be everything, but you can do anything”;
  • because I am not afraid to use a word that has been marginalized and stigmatized;
  • because I am a woman;
  • because I believe in justice;
  • because our work is not yet done

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