What Hasn’t Happened Says More Than What Has

Marc Lynch's initial comments after a month-long hiatus from blogging: " And a lot sure has happened while I've been gone -- Israel and the Palestinians resolved the impasse over a settlement freeze and resumed talks, and… oh wait, that didn't happen. Well, Iraq now has a government… what? Oh, um, well at least we've made … Continue reading What Hasn’t Happened Says More Than What Has


From the Bottom Up

"University of Michigan students walked out of a speech by an IDF soldier in a potent silent protest Wednesday. No news coverage: how many more unheralded actions unfold daily?" -Abby Zimet When I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Saree Makdisi a few weeks ago, we discussed the need for grassroots efforts to actually bring … Continue reading From the Bottom Up

Decision Time

The uproar over the prospective building of the Cordoba House (aka "the Ground Zero Mosque") has unfortunately done a fabulous job of showcasing the double-standards, stereotypes, and unfair generalizations that result in prejudice against Muslim-Americans every day. The condemning of the sight by the ADL is the cherry on top. "Let's be clear. This is … Continue reading Decision Time