This page compiles all articles and blogs that I published at the Kenyon Observer. The Observer is the College’s oldest political and cultural magazine; it was re-branded and revived as a forum for political dialogue and exchange by Gabriel Rom and Jon Green in 2011.

Print Articles, The Kenyon Observer

Should, How, Why, Can: Questions Surrounding This Week’s Conference”  11 April  2012.  Special Issue for the Center for the Study of American Democracy Biannual Conference, “Should America Promote Democracy Abroad?”

An Ugly Picture” 28 March 2012.

Context Matters: Rights for All, Not Some” 15 February 2012.

A State of Denial: Candidates, Consequences, and the Road to Peace” 18 January, 2012.

The Kenyon Observer Blog

Lessons from Steubenville” 28 March 2013

Changes Afoot in 2013” 14 January 2013

Hope and Change from Election Night’s Results” 11 November 2012

The AV: Tracking Election Results” 6 November 2012

Live Blog: Debate Tonight” 16 October 2012

The AV: Politics, Love, Religion and Hip Hop” 15 October 2012

CSAD Quick Reaction: Assessing the Arab Spring and Democracy in the Middle East” 13 April 2012

RE: Why I Will Wear A Hooded Sweatshirt Tomorrow” 30 March 2012

Social Justice: Hoodies, Hijabis, and the Hunger Games” 26 March 2012