gezmek: to tour, to travel, to itinerate, to roam, to wander

#gezmeking started as a joke I made amongst Fulbright ETAs, but personally evolved into a useful way to articulate what is both a process and a way of understanding. It is a mode of knowledge acquisition attuned to serendipity and discovery.

A Turkish aphorism states, “cok gezen cok bilir.” I like to interpret this phrase to mean, “with wanderings come knowledge.”

Urfa: Göbekli Tepe

In early March 2014 I went with a group of fellow ETA’s on a whirlwind weekend tour of two of the most important and historic…

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Last summer I visited Uzuncaburç, an ancient settlement with a handful of local inhabitants located in Silifke distict of Mersin province four kilometers from the…

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To celebrate Thanksgiving 2014 I visited the central-eastern Turkish city of Tokat, joining a group of Fulbrighters for a potluck dinner. While in Tokat I…

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