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Introducing Laila

These remarks were delivered as part of the 20th annual Maryse and Ramzy Mikhail Memorial Lecture Series. More information on the series is available at Good evening, thank you, John, and thank you to Dean Gilbert and the  University of Toledo College of Arts and Letters and everyone who worked to make this event … Continue reading Introducing Laila

Silifke Museum

Silifke [Greek: Σελεύκεια, Seleukeia, Latin: Seleucia ad Calycadnum] both a municipality and town in Mersin Province which is home to some fabulous sites of antiquity, many of which can be explored freely on foot, or observed passing by on newly paved highways and village roads. The quality and variety of objects on display at Silifke's city museum is thus … Continue reading Silifke Museum

‘A National Holiday That I Do Not Recognize’– Reflections on Columbus Day 2015

Today I am not at the office in observance of a United States national holiday that I do not recognize, a day commemorating that in which I recognize my complicity yet nonetheless reject; the project of settler-colonial domination and the creation and perpetuation of myths of nation which oppress. Across the North American continent to … Continue reading ‘A National Holiday That I Do Not Recognize’– Reflections on Columbus Day 2015

Syrian American Contributions

Syrian Americans have been part of the rich fabric of American life for over a century. Syrian Americans include members of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions. Syrian Americans have contributed and elevated American politics, sports, popular and high culture, academia, industry, and civic life for generations. If Paula was your favorite judge on American Idol … Continue reading Syrian American Contributions