Silifke [GreekΣελεύκειαSeleukeiaLatinSeleucia ad Calycadnum]

both a municipality and town in Mersin Province which is home to some fabulous sites of antiquity, many of which can be explored freely on foot, or observed passing by on newly paved highways and village roads.

The quality and variety of objects on display at Silifke’s city museum is thus no surprise.


The only staff I saw was a private security guard, a local contracted to work at the museum. She said that not many people visit the space.

There were no other vistors during our visit, on a weekday in June.


What I was even more intrigued by were the interative technological installations in the stairwell and entrance to the museum, both supported by the Greater Mersin Municipality (Mersin Buyuksehir Belediyesi). Here’s the virtual reality set in the stairwell:

The translation of their translation is:

“Mersin in a Glance Project” Virtual reality platform

It wasn’t on.

In addition to the antiquities division, the museum also has an “ethnographic” wing.

Fiber arts:

Early Christian archaeology of ritual:

Pottery from local excavations:


Every good Turkish archaeology museum has a garden:

And by the parking lot, the kiosk installment from the Belediye:

“tour Mersin with a click”

It also wasn’t on.

The guide said that the locals know that if [when] they find artifacts on their property, they should bring it to the museum, and they will be paid for finding it by the state. When asked whether this developed/devolved into an industry of sorts, she suggested rather that it was a cliche summer pastime of local schoolchildren.


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