I happen to believe in a “best fit” college scenario– there is a school that is right for YOU.

Still, reality calls and for the hundreds of prospective college students I have or will encounter(ed) it certainly is a daunting time and task. Many of my friends at college discuss tutors and the cost of their high school tuition; many of my friends from home weigh the costs of working two jobs to afford community college.

The stakes are high, and approaches vary. I know lots of people who view an undergraduate experience as a necessary expense, of time and effort, to get training or get the piece of paper that says you’re qualified to do x job. I also know I am not alone in viewing my undergraduate experience as a time of intense personal growth and exploration.

For me, learning is an experience, not a process.

For me, you go to college to learn.

For me, you go to college to experience.

When approaching the admissions process, keep close to your heart the task of finding a place that will help you grow, and show the admissions department that you are ready to do just that.

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